Make money online with social media ? Way to earn

By | August 19, 2017

make money online with social media . Affiliate marketing, Local product advertising, Blog promoting, offer creating on freelancer site etc. This is the best way to earn with social media. If you have any social media account, page or profile with more than 50,000 active members you can make money online with your social media account .

How to make money online with social media ?

Social media give you the best opportunities for online earning . You can promote your affiliate product , your own product, services and earn commission . Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube , Google Plus is the best and popular social media and you can make money with them.

You can advertise the local product and earn from there. Create an offer on freelancer site and earn. {The example create gig on fiver (I will promote your blog or link on my 100000 likes Facebook Page only  50$)}

If you have a blog! That social site is most importance of promoting your blog. Share and promote your blog on there and increase your blog visitors.

make money with social media

How to increase social media likes or flowers ? You need to increase that for make money online with social media. If you want to increase Facebook page likes! I have a way to increase your page likes more than 50000 in a month. How? Create, 6/7 Facebook accounts, add friend regular update photo’s status, add more than more friend accept all friend requests. When you get 5000 friends on your FB accounts Convert A Facebook Profile To A Fan Page.  

How to convert Facebook profile to a fan page ?

Many Facebook users don’t know that a Facebook profile can easily be converted into a fan Page. Facebook calls the process a “Profile to Business Page Migration” Chick here to convert your fb profile to page here.

Simply go to This link given and select the type of Page you want to convert your profile into, agree to Facebook’s Pages Terms and you’re ready to “Get Started.”

When the conversion process occurs profile friends will be converted into Page Likes, all uploaded photos will be transferred and all other content will be lost. Login information will remain the same.

When you successfully create new FB page with 5000 likes ! Then Marge yours pages and increase your likes

1 Facebook ID = 5000 friends = 1 Fan page with 5000 likes

10 Facebook ID = 50000 friends New 10 Fan pages with 5000*10 =50000 likes

when you marge this all page you have 50000 likes 1 Facebook page

Click for marge page

Note only same name Facebook page can be marge

But this not best way ! If you want be success in any type of online business you need to targeted traffic . what is the best way to increase likes flowers in social ? regular update post , update video post, reply comment , sharing etc.

This way is the best because this way to you can get targeted likes flowers or traffic . This type of traffic help you for success your business

This is the way for  make money online with social media & How to be success in your business with social media .But This not only way for online money making


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