Genuine way to make money online by blogging

By | August 19, 2017

Make money online by blogging :Hey are you here? Well you’ve come to the right place. We will give you only genuine way to make money in online. Make money in online is not very easy! But it is not impossible. If your way is genuine  you can earn real money.The problem is that the real ways to earn money aren’t “get rich fast” schemes.

How to make money online by blogging? Here we will show only Genuine way to make money online by blogging. First, you need to know it.What is a blog? A blog is an online personal  diary or a book. It is a place to express yourself to the world. Share your thought, anything what you want? The blog is your one website.

How to get started blogging? Many ways are available to start blogging. You can choose your best platform and server. and WordPress are most popular platform is powered by google and it is free. WordPress is powered WordPress . It is best and popular blogging platform .

We recommended this if you want start blogging .For start blog with WordPress you need to hosting server . Free hosting sites  X10 Hosting ,  000Webhost Best popular and recommended sites Bluehost , Ehost

Easily you can create your won blog with Just go to this site, sign up or login with google account, Choose your domain name with, write a title description, choose a template, In just few step and few min you can create your own blog with

How to make money online by blogging

make money online by blogging

Set up your blog , Choose best topic or category for your blog, Write content that gets lots of traffic

Start your won business or sell your product. If you are a business man , if you have own your product or services you can promote and sell that own your blog . That is the best way for maximizing  profit.

Monetize your blog with google Adsense . When your blog gets more than 100 visitors per day and older than 3 months you can apply google Adsense to your blog. After approved it you can insert ads code in your blog and earn real money with your blog with Adsense. It is world top ads company and top paying company. Which is powered by google . You can free sing up here with google account.

Affiliate Marketing . Promote and sell other companies, person’s  product, services on your blog. Get commission for your promote. By that companies or persons.Best affiliate program Amazon, Clickbank. Go to affiliate site create an affiliate account! Choose products or services and promote that on your site. It’s the Genuine Way To Make Money in Online

Here we provided best and Genuine way to make money online by blogging . If you want make money in online ? Blogging is the best way : Make your won blog and start earning ! With using your best and suitable method .

But it is not only way for make money online . Freelancing, Internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Paid Sites . They are some another for online money making .

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    This is a good post for beginners to start making money form their blog. But do you think google adsense is good for now days? I mean adsense earning is very low now days, So i’m not consider google adsense for my primary source of income. It will helpful if you provide some good alternative to google adsense. Thanks

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