5 Way to make money with Facebook. Way to earn

By | August 18, 2017

This is the top NO 1 social media, many people use Facebook worldwide. If you want to make money with Facebook . This is the best and free way to earn money online. You can make your  marketing place in Facebook for your business. For earn money with Facebook You need to Facebook Group or page with thousand,s of likes . How much you can earn with Facebook ? It’s depend on your page likes or Group members .

make money with facebook

4 Way to make money with Facebook

1 Facebook Monetization : If you have a thousands of likes on your fan page you can monetize your videos and content on Facebook .Then you can earn money from directly Facebook.

2 Affiliating : You can do affiliate marketing using Facebook. Promote your affiliate product or services on your page or group. Then you can earn commission on your affiliate account. How to get started? Create your affiliate account on any affiliating site. Amazon, ClickBank  or BlueHost, Hostgator, Go to your favorite  site, Click sings, Create your own account, Select your best product or services, copy link of that product  or services and post your page or group with your content. When your product or service is sold you get commission on your affiliate account. Related Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

3 Freelancing : Earn money with Freelancing by Facebook.  Go to Fiverr.com and create your own account with attractive profile. Then Create GIG with this type of title (I Will Drive Real Unlimited TrafficVisitors From Facebook, description and image) When you start getting orders for your gig post or share that order or link on your Facebook page or groups and make money with Facebook. More

4 Link Shortener  : This is the another way to make money with Facebook. You can share funny post video or any news with Adfly, Linkshrink links and earn money. How to start? Just go to your link Shortener site, create your account, Convert any post video or news link to url shortened link and post that link on your FB page groups profile or anywhere.You can earn every 1000 views = 1$ to 5$ with a link shortener on your url shortener account. 5 Highest Paying Url Shorteners To Earn Money Online

How to Post blocked link on Facebook ?

You can use image redirect . Just Go to this site imageredirect.com  sing up and create your won account . Then you can redirect your block link with new link which you can post on FB.

5 Blogging : If you have a blog you can share your blog post on your FB page and group to increase your blog visitors and earning . if you haven’t blog create new blog write and public post and share that on BF . Then monetize your blog with google adsense .Related  Genuine way to make money online by blogging

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